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Tuesday, March 29, 2011
I know I've been absent from my blog for over a week, but I've been quite the busy body.  On Saturday I was in Seattle.  On Monday I drove to Hermiston, Oregon.  On Wednesday I flew to Roseville, California.  On Friday, Kevin and I drove to San Francisco. 

Kevin just got reassigned a new territory at work.  Instead of selling surplus Union Pacific property in Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, he now has a much sweeter territory - the Pacific Northwest, which includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California.  I had to travel for work to Hinkle, Oregon (4 hours Southwest of Seattle) and Kevin had to go drive around and look at a bunch of property in Washington and Northern California, so instead of both flying in on Monday morning, we flew in Saturday night, and got to spend all day together Sunday exploring Seattle.

This was my first time to Seattle, or Washington as a whole for that matter, and we had a great day.  Of course I took a whole bunch of pictures, so instead of posting them all at once, I'll post the pictures from one or two days at a time.  Here's how we started the day last Saturday:

Guess who took the big suitcase?  Hint, it wasn't me :)

Here is the only thing I took a picture of during our stop at O'Hare airport in Chicago on our way to Seattle.  By far, my favorite things about O'Hare... automatic toilet seat covers!  After an hour on the plane, does it get any better than plopping your butt on a clean toilet?

We decided to stay at a bed and breakfast in Seattle instead of a hotel.  The bed and breakfast got great reviews on trip advisor and was the cheapest available.  If you have not used tripadvisor before, I can't recommend it enough.  Go to tripadvisor.com.  Type your destination in the search bar (example: Seattle).  Then under the top rated B&B click "view all 44 B&B's"  Then once at the bed and breakfast page, adjust the price bar to your price range (in our case less than $150).  Then start at the top and check the reviews and availability.  Since I didn't book until the last minute, and we were trying to travel on the cheap, the first few options didn't meet my fancy.  A couple items down, I stumbled on the 11th Avenue Inn and we were booked the Opal room.

When we arrived in Seattle at midnight on Saturday I was happy to find that our bed and breakfast was quaint, clean, in a nice area of town, and close to the airport.  It was also cheap.  Less than $100 a night which included all taxes, fees, wireless internet, and a very yummy breakfast the next morning.  It was also a block from the bus line that easily brought us into all areas of downtown Seattle the next day.  I'd highly recommend if you're in Seattle.  Here are some random snapshots I took:

I'll post our Seattle pictures tomorrow.  Do you guys have any bed and breakfasts you'd recommend?  What about travel hotspots in the US?  Kevin and I really enjoyed this trip and would love to do it more.


Steph said...

Sounds like fun! I have been wanting to travel to the Pacific Northwest for ages!! I'm jealous!

The B&B looks adorable too! I actually live across the street from a whole row of historic houses that were turned in to B&B's and I've been wanting to check them out.

Love ya!

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