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Our first anniversary

Monday, May 2, 2011
We had a lovely 1st anniversary.  We decided to have our anniversary dinner "date night" at home rather than going to a restaurant.  May seem a little silly, but sometime we prefer cooking together and having a nice meal at home.  Not to mention it saves money, and God knows we need to save money with our big Africa trip on the horizon.

Kevin surprised me with flowers this morning.  I used to think that I didn't like getting flowers.  Maybe because I had never really gotten them before.  I've completely changed my mind and gone into full on cliche girl mode.  :)  Look how pretty they are.
Before dinner we went on a walk on the Missouri riverfront and then to the Heartland of America Park (the ConAgra lake).  It's things like this make us love living downtown. 

After our walk we started making dinner.  Steak with marinaded onions and mushrooms, couscous,  and asparagus, with a blue cheese lettuce wedge salad.  If you haven't tried couscous or Dale's steak marinade, you need to give it a try.  Couscous is so fast and easy to make.  It only takes about 3 minutes compared to rice which normally takes 30 - 40 minutes.  And Dale's steak marinade is amazing.  You don't have to do a single thing to the steak.  Just marinade it in Dale's, and cook it to the correct temp, and it turns out soooo tasty. 

We opened up one of the bottles of wine we brought back from our Italy honeymoon.  Only one bottle left.

We didn't give each other any presents (Africa is our gift to one another), but we did exchange cards.  I love cards with handwritten notes, but I especially love Kevin's cards.  He's such a good writer, and always has the nicest things to say.

So that was our Sunday.  I hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Oh, and you might notice the blog looks a little different.  I've been playing around with a couple different designs.  I'd like to have the pictures take more of a center stage, which I think will encourage me to keep working on my photography skills. I know some of the formatting might be temporarily a little off.  Thanks for hanging with me while I get it all straightened out.  


Anonymous said...

You're sweet. Sounded beautiful. Love and miss you both. xxoo - Em

Mom said...

Sounds lovely, love you guys!

Dad said...

Mom and I used to do that all the time "back in the day..." Although our main reason was to save money, it did actually turn out pretty darn nice most of the time (way better than a restaurant). Glad to see you guys carrying on this fun tradition!

Love ya! Dad

P.S. I enjoyed your close-up photos of the flowers. That's one of the best ways to experiment with depth of field and selective focus--it can help you develop a "3-dimensional" eye for photo composition (i.e., composition on the 4x6 sheet PLUS composition of depth into the image).

Stacie said...

Tell me about couscous. Never had it. Scared to try it. What's it like???

Amanda said...

Thanks em and mom. It was lovely. Can't wait for your wedding em! Lv ya!

Amanda said...

Dad- yeah I remember you and mom doing that when we were growing up. Both you guys and Kevin's parents gave us a great model of what marriage should be like. We're really lucky. Oh and thanks for your comments about the pictures. I'm trying to keep learning and experimenting. Thanks for letting me borrow your camera!! Lv u

Amanda said...

Stacie. Don't be scared. Just do it! You'll like it!!

Hartley said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

How beautiful! Our first anniversary is this month too! I'm so excited. Being a newlywed is just wonderful isn't it! You two are so adorable.

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