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A bachelorette trip to Madison, WI

Friday, June 3, 2011
Last weekend I ditched poor Kevin the first weekend we had our house on the market and went on a trip for one of my best friend's bachelorette parties to Madison, WI.  I was off site-seeing, shopping, and eating awesome food in Madison, and he was at home cleaning. Worst part was that nobody showed up for the open house on Sunday except for a few neighbors.  But, I'm trying to be optimistic for this weekend.  It's the Downtown Living Tour and we had a real estate agent contact us and said they saw our listing, and wanted to include it in the condos they were taking interested buyers.  Fingers crossed that we see some more action this weekend!  

During my 5 hours of driving to the bachelorette party I tried out the audio book strategy I used on my last road trip, and it worked again.  I'm officially hooked on audio books.  This time I listened to the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People."  

I've always heard that this book was a classic, but I've never read it.  Something about the title has always put me off... I don't want to trick anyone into being friends with me.  But since my wonderful professor Dr. Fransecky and some members of my book club recommended it, I decided to check it out.  The premise of the book is simple.  Nobody wants to listen to you talk about yourself forever.  Don't embarrass people.  Be nice.  Such common sense stuff, but it's funny how often we forget it.  

After five hours of driving, I was almost to Emily's house when I got off the interstate.  Apparently the speed limit changed from 55 to 25 very suddenly, and before I knew it I was approaching a cop.  He turned his lights on.  Shit.  I had been going 50 mph in a 25 mph.  Worse yet, when he asked for my proof of insurance, I couldn't find anything that wasn't expired.  Awesome.

Instead of my usual approach, I tried the book's approach (it was fresh in my mind after 5 hours of listening).  Be personal with the other person.  Admit you're wrong.  Don't try to argue.  Instead of tickets, he gave me two warnings.  My new strategy had worked.  I excitedly told Kevin all about this when he got home.  His response: "That's no fancy strategy, they're called boobs."  Gotta love my husband.  

Thanks Mallory, Jordan, and Emily for an awesome weekend!  Can't wait for the wedding!


Stacie said...

That's what Brad always says to me. I have gotten pulled over probably 6 times in the last year and every time, I have just gotten a warning. On our trip to colorado, Brad got a ticket and he said "I WISH YOU AND YOUR BOOBS WERE DRIVING!" :)

Amanda said...

6 times and all warnings! What?! I'm going to be imploring about your strategy next time we get together :) Lv ya!

andrew said...

Yeah im definitely going to have to agree with kevin on this one.

Amanda said...

You would!

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