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Best Place to Visit in the United States

Thursday, June 28, 2012
I can't believe I never actually posted about the Sonoma and Napa, California trip that we took in January.  I've had a draft post written since a week after we got back but just couldn't find the right words to describe how wonderful this trip was.  "We had so much fun together!'  "The weather was beautiful!"  "Loved getting away from the crappy Nebraska winter for some wine tastings in the wonderful California sun"  BARF.  BARF.  I hate being cliche but too often the cliches just fall out of my mouth so easily.  I disliked everything I wrote and re-wrote about the trip, so instead I just didn't post anything.  

I typically don't spend much time thinking about the past, but I absolutely love looking back at some of the great trips we took in 2010 and 2011 so I am determined to catch up.  So instead of delaying any further, I'm simply posting.  

Honestly, Sonoma was perfect.  Both Kevin and I had to travel to the Sacramento area for work, so we conveniently planned our trips for the same week and spent the weekend before in wine country, which meant free flights.  Thank you again Union Pacific.

I don't know if my expectations were low since it was a last minute trip, or if it is really is just THAT amazing, but this trip surpassed everything I was hoping for.  I had heard so much about Napa and Sonoma that I assumed it would be really commercial and chalk full of tourists.  Instead it was surprisingly rural, the scenery driving from vineyard to vineyard was incredible, and all the people that we met were super relaxed and friendly (could it be the free flowing wine in the middle of the day??).  

We stayed a block away from the center of downtown Sonoma in this perfect bed and breakfast called Bungalo 313 (Dolce guestroom). We generally try to avoid staying at the big box hotels, but occasionally the alternative is a bed and breakfast that is just a little bit too quite (and too frilly).  Kevin and I tend to like to go out to dinner and go out and sometimes I feel bad walking into an old creaky bed and breakfast late at night.  But this place in Sonoma was awesome.  They actually had completely separate "bungalows" so you had your own entrance, which made it feel like you were staying in your own little house.  And the homemade granola in the morning was AMAZING.  I'm a huge granola fan and I'd like to consider myself somewhat discerning.  Biggest regret of the trip was not buying some to take home with us.  

So without further adieu, some of my favorite pictures from the trip:

We stopped for lunch at this awesome little Italian place along the road.  Cafe Citti.  Totally recommend this place.

Our Bungalow entrance

This is a picture at Frog's Leap, an organic vineyard in Rutherford, CA, and our absolute favorite vineyard we visited.  The yellow flowers were just stunning and something we didn't see anywhere else.  Maybe the because they don't use pesticides the flowers bloom early?  

I put the wine bottles we brought home on our wood chest in the living room to display (and because our wine rack was full and we have zero counter space).  When I went to take this picture I realized that our living room totally matched the wine bottles.  I don't think I've posted any pictures of our new (old) condo that we moved back into in October.  However, I know I did post about buying that extra wide chaise instead of a couch.  Its so nontraditional that I didn't think Kevin would go for it, but common, how often in your life can you choose to forgo owning a couch and instead buy an over-sized chair meant for only 2 people?  So we did.

I'm glad that I took a picture of the wines that we had sent home or else I'd never remember all the names.  Sadly it is only June and we've already managed to drink all of these "special occasion" wines.  Time to head back?


Steph said...

You're adorable. I love your pictures! Just wait, in a month you'll have to change the title of you post to "Best place to visit in the United States.... Ogalalla, NE" haha jk.

Amanda said...

Bwahaha! I can't wait for our trip. Ladies weekend in the double wide!

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