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Tuesday, December 21, 2010
This Sunday Kevin's sister and brother-in-law offered us an impromptu invitation to go check out Lauritzen Gardens with their family.  His sister mentioned something about Christmas stuff and trains and since neither Kevin or I had been there before, it was free admission, it was close to downtown, and a good chance to visit with the family, it was the perfect invitation.  We spent about 15 minutes digging out gloves, hats, and scarfs, etc., assuming that since it was called Lauritzen Gardens that this little adventure would entail... well, gardens.  When we arrived, we were excited to instead find a nice warm building full of plants and model train sets.

Kevin's nieces and nephews were freaking adorable as usual.  I just loved the little headband that little baby J. had in in her hair!

My favorite part was as the neat wooden model buildings of historic sites around Omaha.  Here's the Woodmen building and Central High School (my dad went to high school there back in the day).

Thank you Mr. (or Mrs!) Anonymous donor who paid for all of Omaha's free admission into Lauritzen Gardens every Sunday in December.  We had a lovely time.

Oh and I hope you guys like the new look of the blog.  I decided I wanted a change from the teal and yellow.  Do you guys like the change?  Hate it?  I'll post something in the next day or two explaining how I created the new blog header.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.


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