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Cooking with the iPad

Thursday, February 17, 2011
So I'm completely infatuated with the the iPad.  I downloaded a bunch of really cool apps today and I haven't even had time to play around with all of them yet, but I'm super excited.  One of the app's I used tonight was an app by allrecipes.com.  I've used allrecipes.com for years to find new recipes and I've always loved how you can see how the recipe has been reviewed by other cooks.  It's sort of like the amazon.com of cooking.  If you haven't checked out this website yet I'd highly recommend it.  If you upgrade to a pro account (I just did today) you can even create a customized menu and it will create an organized grocery list for you.     

In the past when I want to make something new I surfed around all recipes.com, checked to see if I had all the ingredients, jotted down the instructions on a piece of paper, brought the paper over to the kitchen, started making the food, and then when I couldn't read my handwriting or started to second-guess what I wrote down I'd go back to to the computer and look at recipe again.  Yes, I know... a lot of these problems could be averted if I wasn't too cheap to buy ink for our printer. 

Tonight I downloaded the allrecipe app for $2.99 (there is also a free version but you can't sync with your allrecipes account), so now all I have to do is open my recipe box, click on the recipe, and start cooking.  It even has a timer built into it.  Also if I'm not sure if I have all the ingredients for a recipe I can bring the iPad into the pantry with me.  How cool is that??  Plus the iPad case that Kevin bought makes a little stand.   

When i turned the iPad off I could see my reflection in it.  Like a huge dork I took my picture, and of course that's the exact minute Kevin came walking into the room.  Yes, he started making fun of me right away.  Notice anything different about my hair?  Bangs!!

Here's the link to the stuffed cabbage recipe that I made.  I found this recipe this summer when I was looking for a way to use the ground ham I bought at the farmers market.  Tonight I didn't use ground ham and it was still good, but not quite as flavorful - the ground ham really makes the recipe.  If you don't have any ground ham make sure you add some more spice... my personal favorite spice for something like this is Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning

Anybody else have any iPad must-have applications they'd recommend?


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