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Friday, February 4, 2011
I haven't blogged in well over a month and it has only made me realize just how much I like blogging.  Time flies by and then all of a sudden it's 2011 and you're like, where did the last month go?  At least when I'm blogging I get a little time to stop and reflect and maybe even post a picture or two. 

Last night I started looking at some of the pictures and videos I've taken over this month and I started to write a catch up post and realized there was no way everything was going to make it into one post.  So I've given up and decided to give up and just post a few of the highlights. 


My best friend Emily is family and someone who is more of a sister to me than anyone else.  Next to her I have three best friends that I've had since we were all in junior high school and I'm have been very lucky to have them as friends ever since.

Here's Steph, Kait, Stacie and I on the night Jake proposed.

Here's Kait and her soon to be husband Jake.  I think the doorway really gives some perspective on how tall Jake really is and how small our friend Kait is. 

And just for fun, some a picture of Kait and I when we graduated from high school and the four of us girls as seniors in high school. 

Congrats Kait and Jake.  So excited for you two and can't wait to be a bridesmaid!


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