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Ashley and Jeff's wedding

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
I am never drinking again.  At least that's what I repeated to myself over and over again the morning (and afternoon) after Ashley and Jeff's wedding reception.  Why do I do this to myself?  .... But as I'm posting this on a Tuesday night I'm enjoying a glass of red wine from a leftover bottle from our dinner last night at the Greek Islands.  Does this mean I have a problem?  :)

Congrats to Ashley and Jeff for not only a beautiful wedding, but a ridiculously fun party.  And thank you to our new favorite taxi driver that drove us home.  When the Happy Cab line was busy (and it always seems to be right when you need a cab at 1:30 am), I was thanking myself for programming a few cab drivers direct lines into my phone.  If any of my Omaha buddies are reading this, put Matt's number in your phone right now (402-591-0855).  He's normally available, but if he's not he knows all the other cab drivers in Omaha, and can get you a ride right away.  If you're lucky he might even give you some fresh veggies or bruschetta from his garden.

Before the wedding, I snapped some pictures of Kevin and I.  I actually do this quite a bit, but am normally too embarrassed to actually post them.  Kevin looked so cute - too bad he had to ruin it with the annoyed look on his face.  I also snapped some pictures at the reception.  It was really low light in the reception hall, but I hate the way a cheap pop-up flash makes people look so I've been trying to shoot 100% without flash.  I was just proud that I was able to adjust the settings on the camera enough for them not to come out entirely blurry.  For my photography buddies out there (Stephanie!), I cranked the ISO up as high as it would go (1600) and was shooting with my best low light lens (or should I say the best lens my dad has lent me): 50 mm lens that goes down to F 1.2.  I really like this lens.  Here's a link to the info on amazon:


Andrew said...

Good work. Does it suck to be tied into a single focal length like that?

Amanda said...

Hey Andrew! Yeah, sometimes it's not very convenient - you'll notice I didn't take very many group shots, I would have had to back up way to far to get everyone :) But 90% of the time it doesn't bother me. If I know I'm in a situation I'll want to zoom, then I just use the kit lens that came with the camera. I don't like it because the apperature doesn't open as wide as this lens. I think for the price point, it's a really good lens. Do you have any you'd recommend?

Steph said...

Thanks for the tip! My camera finally arrived and I've been experimenting a little with it! Pictures to come soon :) you look great--- love the fringe! Love ya!

HiLLjO™ said...

So good to find you and your blog!
My hubby and I are newlyweds in Omaha, too! Very nifty!

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