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Dear Mom and Dad,

Monday, August 22, 2011
I've know I've tried to tell you before, but on the day of your 25th wedding anniversary, I want to take the opportunity to thank you again. Today I don't want to thank you for the books you showed me, or the places you took me, or the way you loved me, but I want to take this chance to thank you for the way you loved each other.

I was blow drying my hair this morning, one of the only times of day I'm not either on my computer, or reading, or talking.  :)  Ten minutes where I can do nothing but think.  And this morning I was thinking about you guys.  

I had a lot of good memories flashing through my mind this morning.  Mom, I remember the homemade Christmas ornament that you made Dad back when you guys were still dating, and how every year it is always the very first ornament you guys put on our Christmas tree.  Or all those Friday nights you'd get dressed up and kiss us kids goodbye when you went on your date nights.  I remember trying to be there for you Mom when Dad was working in South Korea for a year.  How you cried and told me that you missed your best friend.  And how you guys would talk to each other on the web cam every day.  Or how I've never heard either of you say a mean word about each other.  Ever.  Even in the middle of an argument.

There are so many things I've learned from watching you over the years.  I've learned that your marriage is more important then the house you live in.  It is more important then the state or country you are living in.  It is more important than your job.  And it is even more important than your kids.  It is the foundation of not only your family, but your life.  Watching you two I've learned how you keep a friendship alive.  I've learned about love.  I've learned what it means to be a family.

As I was leaving the house for work this morning, I was thinking how I can't help but wonder what the next 24 years will hold for Kevin and I.  Just as I was thinking this, I turned the corner in our condo to head out the front door to work and saw an umbrella lying in front of the door.  Kevin realized that it was drizzling outside, and that I would be too caught up in my own head to even notice the weather, let alone remember to bring an umbrella, so he had put it in front of the door so I wouldn't forget it.

It's these moments that I think we might be lucky enough to have a marriage like yours.  And I'm happy that I had such great parents to show me the way.

I love you both very much.

Happy 25th anniversary!



Stacie said...

You caught me on the wrong day - I definitely shed a tear! Congrats Rick and Charlotte!

Steph said...

So did I! You're parents are wonderful, here's to the next 25!

Mom said...

Talk about tears! thank you Amanda, you are amazing! What a wonderful gift! I love you so much!

Amanda said...

Thanks Stacie and Steph for the kind words. Mom, happy 25th! Love you very much.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amanda, you captured it perfectly! Your Mom and Dad are very special people and even more special together. And I too and crying now... Happy 25 to your wonderful Mom and Dad! Love you! Aunt Donna

Anonymous said...

What beautiful words to your mom and dad! Nicole

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