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Our Monday

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
So after not playing golf the whole year, I've played twice in one week.  Kevin and I got together with my cousin Missy and her wife Shannon to play a little round of golf at Elmwood.  Despite the swarming bugs (I snorted up about half a dozen gnats), and the humidity, we had a great time.  I've decided that I definitely prefer 9 holes to 18. 

Pictures courtesy of my phone (samsung epic).  Not bad huh?  The battery on the phone is beyond sucky, but the camera isn't half bad.

Kevin was nice enough to grab me some shorts, a shirt, and some socks and pick me up from work since I was running a little behind.  But he forgot the golf shoes...  So I golfed in my black work flats.  I wish I could have blamed the shoes for my poor game.

After golf it was off to one of Kevin's favorites.... CHI-POT-LE!!!!  The girl wrote "Mr" and "Mrs" on our burritos, and I was going to take a picture, but we were both to hungry...

And then one of the best parts about Monday nights... reading blogs on my iPad and watching the Bachelorette.  Yeah, embarrassing, I know.  And for all of my fellow Bachelor watchers - I took a non-verbal communication class last week at work, and learned just enough to be dangerous.  Anytime you touch the left side of your body (especially your face) when you're talking it means that you are using the right side of your brain (which controls the left half of your body).  The right side of the brain is the creative and imaginative side, the side that lies come from.  So when Emily touched her left eye right before she said that she'd always love Brad, we all know what that means! 


Stacie said...

I read this post last night and the last part about non-verbal communication caught my eye. Later, I went out for a bit, but was going to do the dishes first. Brad said, "I'll do the dishes while you're gone. Don't worry about them." He touched the left side of his face when he said it.... You can imagine what was still in the sink when I got home! WOW! :) I don't think he was lying - just being lazy...

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