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Practicing getting married

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Last Friday, I was at my best friend's wedding rehearsal.  I was just going to post some pictures from the wedding, but I think some of these pictures were great, so I wanted to post these first.  These pictures are compliments Rick Nelson, my dad, who generously took pictures at Emily's wedding.

Oh and if you're wondering how I actually managed to look more tan than Kevin in this picture when I haven't seen a lick of sun all summer... you guessed it... spray tan!  In the past I've only had good luck with the tans that an actual person spray's on you (like the ones they do at Shine in Omaha), but I was super impressed with this spray tan machine.  And they have them in all the Ashley Lynn tanning salons - it's called VersaSpa.  Pasty white to tan in less than 3 minutes and it lasted for about a week. 

Has anyone got a good grasp on the whole tan thing?  How can I get a great tan when I'm nervous about the chemicals in the spray tan and nervous about the aging and cancerous effects of the natural sun?  What about vitamin D?  How much sun is too much?  And what's the deal with all this sunscreen stuff?  What do you mean it's not waterproof?  You mean we've really been lied to for the last 33 years?  All things I plan on looking into at some point, but for a short while I plan on enjoying my spray tan in ignorant bliss  :)


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