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The cup trick and Meiko

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
So I absolutely love this video.  These lovely ladies voices are amazing and the fact that they are doing the cup trick that I learned back when I was a camp cook during the summer of 2005 makes it even better!  I spent countless learning how to do this little trick :)

I found this video on one of my new favorite singer's blog.  Check out Meiko's blog here!
Here's the youtube version.

And just for fun, here's a couple flash back pictures from the summer of 2005.
Here's me and my snotty 18 year old face :)  Yes I wore bandanna's
almost every day and thought it was cool.

My fellow cook and friend's Kait and I. 
Yes, those are smashed eggs and panty hoes on our heads...

Speaking of Meiko (and her funny little blog), if you haven't checked out her music yet, here's a little playlist I put together to introduce you guys.  She's seriously great... like a Regina Spektor, Jewel, and Ingrid Michaelson mixed into one.

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