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Nothing like that new CD feeling

Thursday, November 18, 2010
Is it just me or do you guys love getting new CD's?  I know iTunes is instant gratification, and sometimes I can't resist the temptation either, but in my opinion there's no better feeling than struggling to get that clear plastic wrapping off a new CD and popping it in a CD player. 

By the way, if you love getting new CD's every month, I'd recommend this website:  http://www.yourmusic.com/.  It's not that great when it comes to independent artists, but anything that's a little more mainstream they generally have.  For $6.99 per month they send you a CD of your choosing, which includes shipping and tax.  I forget about it almost every month so it feels like Christmas when I get my CD.

Kevin and I just saw Josh Ritter at the Slowdown with our new buddies Amy and Ross.  I used to be much more into the local music scene then I am now.  I hate to admit my interests have drifted all over the board lately (you know me... easily inspired means easily distracted.)

Going to this concert was a throw back to my college days, and I love my husband for being such a good sport.  Kevin isn't really the scene kid, concert going type, but he really enjoyed himself and we all had a lot of fun.  Here's a little sampling of Josh Ritter's music.  He's one of those rare artists which is way better live than he is on his CD, but my most favorite part was how throughout the the whole concert he looked like he was so happy and was getting a huge kick out of all of the people there to support him.  Gotta love a modest artist.

I love this first song... makes me think of a carousel ride.

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