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DIY vase and Air Plants

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
The hotel I stayed at in Atlanta last week had some really creative ways of displaying fresh flowers.  I think making a vase like this would be a fun do-it-yourself project.  All you'd need is a big glass vase, some smaller vases, and some metal wire.  Wrap the metal wire around the neck of the little vases than string the metal wire over the top of the big vase and bend the wire into a few circles inside the vase to hold it into place. 

Or, insteady of putting water and fresh flowers in these vases, you could use air plants.  Have you guys heard of these nifty little plants?  I just discovered them a few weeks ago.  The best part about air plants is that they don't need any soil to survive (you just soak them in water once a week).  There are so many fun ways to display them:

I haven't seen these little plants around in any local stores, but you can easily buy them online.  To see all the air plants on sale at Etsy.com click here!  I like the idea of an air plant subscription - this seller is offering 3 air plants per month for 3 months for a grand total of $32.50 (including shipping). 


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