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Thursday, April 28, 2011

After several days of mulling it over... and scheming... and planning... and budgeting.  It's decided!  We're going to leave for Africa on November 16th for a ten day trip.  I still can't believe we're doing it.  It's so expensive, and it's so far away, and it's so freaking beautiful and awesome that it hasn't sunk in that we're really doing it. 

If we can survive the long flight to Africa... (Omaha to Denver; Denver to Washington;  Washington to Johannesburg; and then Johannesburg to Capetown), we'll be spending five days in a hotel/ apartment in Capetown called the More Quarters.  We'll be in the more "authentic" area of Capetown.  And since Kevin and I love pretending we're locals, this is right up or alley.  We're still figuring out all the things we want to do in Capetown.  From what we've read so far there are a ton of cool things to do... penguins, wine tours, hiking, swimming with great white sharks... it'll be hard to decide.  Then after 5 nights we'll fly North to spend three nights at private game lodge, the Lions Sands River Lodge.  THE SAME PLACE THEY STAYED ON THE BACHELOR.  I seriously don't mean to yell, but we're so flipping excited!

Here is a typical day at the Lions Sands River Lodge:

5:30 am:  Wake up for morning safari.
7:45 am:  Coffee & tea in the bush.
9:00 am:  Hearty breakfast.
11:00 am:  Relax.  Nap?
12:00 pm:  Lunch outdoors on the wooden viewing deck.
12:30 pm:  Rest & Relaxation: Massage at the spa or relax at the pool.
4:00 pm:  Tea time before evening safari.
5:30 pm: Sipping cocktails in the bush, safari, and watching the sun set.
8:00 pm:  Dinner and bonfire under the African stars.

We decided to push the trip back to November in order to save more money and take less vacation days by going over the Thanksgiving holiday.  This will be a crazy expensive trip for us, but we decided to sacrifice spontaneous weekend getaways, clothes purchases, expensive nights out, etc. over the next few months to go on this trip of a lifetime. 

Africa, here we come.


Danny said...

If you dont shark dive I am going to be extremely upset. Marine biology is a little guilty pleasure/ passion of mine, and off the coast of Cape Town is one of the best natural habitats for White Sharks. They hunt right there near Seal Island. Give me 20 mins and I can convince you to do it!

Steph said...

I think I would pass on the shark dive... sharks are my biggest irrational fear and I'm sorry Amanda but I love you too much to be eaten by Jaws.

The rest sounds AMAZING! So excited for you guys!!!

Stacie said...

Okay, so that bed is the bed I always imagine when I think about dream trips and romantic vacations. It's GORGEOUS! One problem, though...you guys may need to reschedule your trip, because you will miss my birthday. (Nov. 25)

You gotta start prioritizing, Amanda...come on. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to an exotic country or your friend's birthday, that hopefully you'll be around for, if we're lucky, for about 65 more years? Jeese louise....

Kidding, of course! I love you guys and am so happy for you!

Kevin said...

Shaffar, I'm 100% doing a shark dive. Amanda does not have a choice in the matter. :)

My mom is probably going to worry for the next 6 months though. Sorry mom.

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