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Kevin's first blog post

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
I'm busy doing school work this week, so I asked Kevin to write a blog post for me.  He totally obliged.  What a nice husband.  :) 

At the request (s,s,s,) of my wife, here are three wedding suggestions for the grooms:

1)  Buy suits instead of renting tuxes.  I don't like tuxes, at all, so I may be partial to this idea.  They never seem to fit very well, are ridiculously expensive for something you'll only wear for one day, you have to return them the next day when you are extremely hungover, and in my opinion, they can sometimes just look cheap.

Depending on how much you want to spend, and probably more importantly what your wedding party wants to spend, there are a bunch of different options for suits.  I chose to have everyone buy a JC Penney's plain black Stafford suit with flat front pants (not the pleated pants...Hebda).  I think the guys paid anywhere from $120 to $145 for the suit, depending on if they used a coupon and watched when JC Penney had good sales, which is pretty much every weekend.

$120 is cheaper than most tux rentals.  Plus, most people seemed to like the idea of being able to keep a suit.  While they obviously aren't top of the line suits, I think they turned out sharp.

I bought the shirts and ties for all the guys as a wedding gift (make sure to get the shirts dry cleaned because they look much better).  I got them at JC Penney so it wasn't too expensive.  I bought myself a slightly different tie that I thought was pretty cool. 

2)  Have a wedding weekend agenda.  Sounds a little anal, right?  When Amanda put together a 3 1/2 page agenda for our wedding weekend, and asked me to distribute it to all of the guys in the wedding party, I initially refused.  I thought it was just a tad too much, and told her the guys would most likely lose it anyways.

To my surprise, I had several of the guys and their significant others tell me it was a great idea, and they actually used it several times during the week of the wedding.

So, I guess my suggestion for the guys is that if your crazy fiance wants to make an agenda, don't give her a hard time about it, because it is a good idea.

3)  Take it easy the night before the wedding.  Don't even think about going out with your friends later than 10:00ish.  Nothing good can come out of closing the bar down the night before your wedding.  Not only will your wedding day be the best and most fun day of your life, but also one of the most tiring.  Call me a pansy, but the thought of exchanging wedding vows, taking hundreds of pictures, wearing a suit all day and night, visiting with everyone at the reception, and tearing it up on the dance floor, all while hung over from the night before, did not sound appealing to me.

We decided to have our rehearsal dinner on Thursday night instead of the night before the wedding (Friday).  That way we could all stay out late on Thursday, I could go golfing with my buddies during the day on Friday and then we could get an early dinner with friends before parting ways for the night.  I went to my parents' house after dinner, and spent most of the time writing a note to Amanda to give her before the ceremony.  I recommend getting something personal (a book she likes, picture, card, etc.) to write in and have a bridesmaid give it to her before the wedding. 

That's all I got.  Shaffar, let me know if I have any bloggin' skills.

What do you guys think?  Good advice??  I especially liked what he wrote about doing something personal before the wedding.  When he gave me that book with his handwritten note I shoo'd everyone out of the room and had a nice private moment and read a letter from my husband.  It was a great way to slow down and really soak in the moment.  Even I couldn't help but shed a tear when I read his letter. 


Danny Shaffar said...

Amanda...dont be mad that I am commenting on Kevin's. He did give me a shout out. I actually enjoyed it, and since I read all of Amanda's blogs, I knew what your blog was going to be about before I even read it. I would have to say "A" has the edge in bloggin' skills, but when you are friends with the author, they are all pretty enjoyable to read.

Amanda said...

Ok Danny, since you're such a good follower, I'll forgive you for posting your first comment on Kevin's post when you never comment on my posts :) When are you going to do a guest blog post?

On another note, I think you might have had the 10,000th view of my blog. That should win you a prize or something, huh?

Andrew said...

10,000 views? Holy crap, you've got me beat by maybe 9,000. Good work.

I liked the post, and I've never met the author, so that's gotta count for something. The suit idea was profound, especially giving shirts and ties for the gifts.

Amanda said...

Thanks Andrew! Yeah, the suits worked out really well. Glad he handled all of that.

Do you always post your blogs to facebook? I don't think I've ever seen them come across my newsfeed, but I just checked out your profile and I saw a couple. Facebook is the way the majority of people come to my blog. Do you have sitemeter or google analytics? It's kind of fun to watch what posts get the most views.

I just started following your blog today. I thought I was before, but apparently not. Oops! I'll have some reading to catch up on. Take care!

Stacie said...

My husband may have been compliant with me taking pictures for my blog, but I doubt he would EVER actually write for my blog....you've got a keeper!

Love ya!

Amanda said...

Ha! Never say ever :)

Andrew said...

Yeah, I love analytics. Very interesting to see where traffic comes from. I typically post to facebook aside from occasional "mini posts". I've definitely found that the number of views is very much a function of the title. It's kind of fun to think up attention grabbing titles.

I looked into it, you're actually only beating me by 7,000 ;-).

Aunt Donna said...

Okay, the letter in the book and the picture of you reading it made me cry..... Hoping your life just gets better and better! You two are an amazing couple and are made for each other! Love you both so much!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Aunt Donna! Almost one year down and so far so good :)

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