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A new human and some Easter snapshots.

Monday, April 25, 2011
Isn't baby Caleb adorable?  Kevin's cousin Nicole and Pete are going to be such great parents.  I think he may be the first baby that I was around for his parents' engagement, wedding day, and now him!  He's two and a half weeks old and so sweet.  He's so sweet I was even too nervous to hold him, I just watched him from a far and took and snapped some pictures.  Is it just me, or is anyone else scared to hold brand new babies?

Welcome to the family Caleb!

Do you think we had enough camera's and video camera's?  I hope we captured it.  :)

My mom made the most wonderful meal for Easter.  She is an amazing cook, but I honestly think she outdid herself.  Balsamic strawberry salad with homemade fried goat cheese... um... yes please. 

And my dad even set up the tripod and did a full-up family picture.  My mom only gave him two tries to get the shot right since she was in the middle of dinner.  We all managed to avoid blinking.  When does that ever happen?

Happy Easter everyone!


Mom said...

Thanks Amanda! I love your pics of Caleb. Adorable!

Amanda said...

Thanks mom :) He's so cute it's a lot of fun to take pics of him. Lv ya!

Stacie said...

What an adorable baby! :) You are getting really good at the photography thing - I loved the side picture of Caleb's head. Very good!

marie fry said...

love the baby pics

Amanda said...

Thanks Marie- You take the best pics so that means a lot :)

Amanda said...

Yeah, he's really cute. I'm working on the photography thing. I think the blogging is helping!

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