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Sunday songs and inspiration

Sunday, April 10, 2011
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.  I'm cooped up doing homework on a beautiful day but I thought I'd share some things that caught my eye this weekend.  I also put together a playlist of Brooke Waggoner music for you guys to check out.  I just heard her for the first time this weekend and she is great... piano...strings...cool voice... great lyrics.  Enjoy!

Shorts, tights, leg warmers, and boots.  Never would of thought to put this together, but I love this. 

 This makes me want to go antique shopping.   

I've been following a blogger named Melissa for quite some time now.  Her daughter Everly is so cute.  How freakin adorable are those rainbow stockings?  I found them new on eBay for $6.50.  My niece Journey may just be getting a pair in the mail in 3 - 5 days :) 

Check out how they transformed this desk in three different ways just by using paint. 

Completely custom portait necklaces.  What an awesome mother's day gift.  Order by April 18th to have in time for mother's day. 

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Mom said...

Are you procrastinating?

Amanda said...

Haha! Yes and no... I've been forcing myself to work on my paper for 30 minutes non-stop, and then I allow myself at 5 minute break. Luckily this seems to be working and I'm making some good progress. It's torture though. I want to be out enjoying the sunsine on your back patio and eating your home-cooked dinner... :( Next weekend though!

Mom said...


Stacie said...

I love the mirrors! I'll have to steal that one. Oh and I love the study strategy - 30 on and 5 off! :)

Amanda said...

Aren't those so cute? People are so stinking creative its sickening...

Lv ya Stacie!

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