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60,000 chickens dead...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
This week a large North Carolina chicken coop temporarily lost power.  Because this was like so many other concentrated animal feeding operations where the animals were packed in extremely tight conditions, the coop required large constantly running fans to keep the temperatures in the coop in a liveable range.  Well when the fans stopped running, the air stopped flowing.  Like many large chicken operations this chicken coop wasn't under close supervion by any people, and nobody realized the power had gone out in the chicken coop until almost a week later... 60,000 dead chickens.  Just another insight into our broken food industry.  Some people that have asked why the chicken coops were not equipped with better back up generators to keep the fans running in a situation like this.  I think a better question is why the heck do we have 60,000 chickens packed so tightlty together in one enclosed building? 

This is just another reason I'm so happy that ethical local farmer's like Lucy and Adam in business - check out their family-run farm Thistles and Clover.  The pictures below are actual pictures of their little boy (I've met him) and their farm.  If everyone starts looking a little deeper into where they get their food comes from, Lucy and Adam will be so wildely successful and it will encourage more farmers to do business this way verses the type of farming that needlesly killed 60,000 chickens. 


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