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Monday, September 20, 2010
On September 8th Kevin and I moved from being a two car family to a one car family when I turned my Mazda 3 in at the end of its 3-year lease.  We both walk to work, and hardly drive anywhere on the weekends seperately (or in taxis), so why not move to one car?  Kevin has a 2008 Altima that works great, but once it dies I would love to move to a Volkswagan fueled by biodiesel!  Here's our current family car but how cool would it be to own a car fueled totally by leftover cooking oil

Here's the documentary that inspired me today:

 I've been on a documentary binge ever since I figured out how to watch documentaries on our Playstation 2 using our instant Netflix queue.  I've watched an embarrasing number of documentaries lately, but this one is definitely worth watching.  It's well done and has a lot of practical things you can do to make a difference (make sure to watch the credits!).  Maybe even one day we'll power trains using biodiesel? 


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