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My first blog

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I used to journal all the time as a kid.  I think that even back then there was a part of me that realized that life was moving pretty fast, and without an overly impressive memory there were so many things I was going to forget about if I didn't take time to stop and write them down.  After taking about a five year journaling hiatus I've decided that it's time to take another crack at it.  So, being the young, Internet-loving, wanna-be tech savvy girl that I am, I've decided to start a blog!

Creating a blog was easy enough, just a click of a button I had a free account on blogger.com.  So far so good.  Then came the hard part... what to name it?  Of course I did the first thing that I usually do when faced with just about any question.  I googled it!  I would expect nothing less, but here I had a step by step guide and tips on how to name my blog.  In this blogging article the author likened naming your blog to naming a child - great that'll take the pressure off...

So I took the author's suggestion and started by writing all the words that first came to mind on a sheet of paper.  Well after jotting down about 50 words (things like condo, sustainable, natural, organic energy, yoga, hippie, corporate, documentary, MBA, etc.), I realized that many of these words were things that were my current passions - things that I'd been recently inspired by.  Looking at this list of words made me realize just how easily inspired I am, so what better name for my first blog.  Let the blogging begin!


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