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Cleaning without chemicals or paper towels? What???

Monday, September 27, 2010


My Aunt Kate told me about this cleaning product she has been using for the last year that cleans only using a re-useable microfiber cloth and water.  I guess my cousin Janelle has been selling Norowex products for a few years and a lot of the women in my extended family swear by them. 

This has the potential to eliminate the 3 large paper towel rolls I go through every week (thank you Stephanie for making me feel so guilty!).  Here are the products that I bought today.  I'll keep you updated on my reviews:

Click here for a full list of products and additional information - click here!

So what is this magic cleaning?  Here's the brief summary my cousin Janelle put together.


“Top Questions and Answers”
What is Norwex? 

Norwex is a company that originated in Norway in 1994. The product line was originally developed for cleaning hospitals in Norway and has been tested and proven to be more effective than hazardous cleaning chemicals.  All you use is water!  The Norwex Mission statement is "To radically improve the quality of life by reducing the use of cleaning and personal care products".  

How does it work? 
  • Imagine a human hair split lengthwise 6 times, so that each of the 6 splits picks up dirt, debris and bacteria. That defines “microfiber,” 1/6th the size of a human hair.
  • Now imagine that same hair split lengthwise 100 times so that each of the 100 splits does the same. This defines a Norwex microfiber cloth.
  • Additionally, Norwex microfiber has a patent-pending silver agent (approved by the FDA and EPA) woven into the cloth itself.  Laboratory tests show that it kills 99.94% of all viruses (see pg 4.)
Why is Norwex microfiber better?

  • All you need to clean is water! NO CHEMICALS EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
  • A non-Norwex microfiber cloth will maintain its cleaning ability for up to about 25 washes, and will then become like a regular cotton cloth in its ability to clean. A Norwex Antibac microfiber cloth, on the other hand, still picks up 99.4% of bacteria after 500 washings!
  • 2.9 million meters of microfiber is used to make one small Enviro Cloth.
  • It holds up to seven times its weight in water.
  • Can reach into the tiniest crevices (even those in surfaces which appear smooth to the human eye) and scoop out hidden dirt and bacteria.  
  • Has a natural static charge that acts like a magnet to attract even the tiniest particles of dirt
  • Creates a capillary action  that draws dirt, grime and bacteria into the center wedge-shaped areas of the cloth


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