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My favorite relationship book

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
My Godfather, "Uncle Bobby," gave Kevin and I this book for our wedding.  Not only is he my Godfather, but he has also been a marriage counselor for over 20 years and says this is his go-to recommendation for relationship books.  At first when I got this book I thought it was kind of weird... Kevin and I were newlyweds with no major problems on the horizon.  But, after thinking about it more, what better time though to continue to work on improving our relationship then when things are going well?  I've read so many fiction books and text books over the last 15 years, but this was the first book on relationships that I'd ever read.  I would highly recommend this book for all couples.  Marriage has such a profound affect on everyone's life, so maybe we should spend a little more effort learning and reading about it?


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