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Anderson Cooper and Marshall Mathers

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I love CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper and have always been a big fan of Eminem's music... don't judge me :)  How did I miss this 60 minutes interview?! 

I personally think Eminem's a rap genius.  One of my favorite part of the interview was at about the 5:00 minute mark when he describes all the words that rhyme with "orange."  Can you think of anything that rhymes with orange?  Check out the video below to see the whole interview. 


Stacie said...

I LOVE THE VIDEO! I have always thought Eminem was this rap prodigy that was completely underestimated. I like this version better - more grown up, more mature, no peroxide hair. :)

Amanda said...

Never knew you were a fan! Eminem's always been a guilty pleasure for me :)

Kevin said...

Hey Toots,

Your blog is looking real good these days. :) Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and that I love you very much! Thanks for taking care of me after my surgery. You are my best friend, and I appreciate everything you do for me. Hope you have a great birthday weekend!



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