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Margarita night with Grandma and Grandpa Tiffin!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
A few years aago for Christmas my grandma gave me twelve coupons for margarita night at their house, and the margarita night tradition has carried on long after the coupons have been used up.  God, I hope Kevin and I are this cool when we're their age.  Heck, I hope we're still alive when at their age... my grandma just turned 81 (and she has her own facebook page!).  Here's a picture of my lovely grandparents on Kevin and I's wedding day:

Kevin and I have been working very hard to only eat all natural and organic foods (especially animal products.. meats, dairies, cheeses, etc.), so instead of having my grandparents try to accommodate us, we decided to invite them over for dinner at our place. 

Of course we had to carry on the margarita tradition, but just a few problems... no tequila, margarita mix, margarita glasses or even a blender.  Well, I guess that's not entirely true.  We do own a blender, but let's just say that I tried to blend up some chickpeas to make hummus a couple months ago, and after spending about 20 minutes trying to get the blender to do it, I discovered that mashing the chickpeas with my bare hands was more efficient.

So, it was off to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a new blender.  Usually I make these type of purchases online, but having only realized our margarita predicament yesterday, there was definitely no time for that.  Luckily I found a great blog post on how to choose a blender.  I mean who would write a blog post about blenders... oh wait.. 

Here's our new Cuisinart SmartPower Deluxe Duet Blender and Food Processor conveniently purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond for only $99!

It blended the ice for the margaritas in about 5 seconds.  Incredible.  And actually, the picture above is really just half of it.  It came with a different attachment that goes on the motor that's a food processor.  Oh the possibilities!


Marci said...

I need a new blender so I actually appreciate the blender blog:) I have your blog on my favorites on my blog..I hope that is ok:)

Great blog by the way!!

Amanda said...

Yes of course that is ok! I'm completely flattered to be on your blog!

So far I'm super happy with this blender. But I guess I really don't have much to compare it to, so... I'll keep you posted! I love your blog as well. It's one of the reasons I started a blog of my own.


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