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Daily Grub and Istanbul, Turkey

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Went to the Daily Grub last week with Kevin and his co-worker Zach.  Here they are :)

It's in sort of a random building in an industrial area at 20th and Pierce St.  I loved how simple they kept everything - just one row of tables and a bar where you can watch them making the food.  It's lunch-only, cash-only, and they write the menu on a big chalk board behind the bar area.  Here was the menu from the day we went.

I had the two different sopes, and by far my favorite was the ancho cashew cream spread with pinto beans, onion, pear and avocado crema.  Now that's a mouthful.  Doesn't even seem like those ingredients would go together, but it was soooo good (and vegan!)

They don't serve any of the typical soft drinks, but you can buy Mexican Coke, some different varieties of tea, and such.  I had the Limonata, which was an Italian carbonated lemonade that was AMAZING! 

During lunch Zach told us all about his travels.  He may be the best traveled person I've ever met in real life.  Of course we asked him what his favorite place was and he surprised us with his choice: Istanbul (and some surrounding areas) in Turkey.  I'd never even considered traveling to Turkey, but now I'm definitely going to look into it.  He sent Kevin and I some pictures from the last visit.  Unreal... 


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