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Terrible realization about lemons

Sunday, October 31, 2010
So, I just had the most terrible thought about lemons the other night when I was whipping up one of my favorite alcholic beverages... vodka, water, and lemons.  When I bought these lemons yesterday, instead of putting them in those little plastic baggies I put the lemons directly in the cart, then directly into the fridge.  So I decided to wash one of the lemons off before plopping it in my drink.  While I was washing this lemon off and I realized "OH MY GOD, I'VE NEVER WASHED A LEMON BEFORE... and there are probably lots of people that have touched my lemons before I bought them... then I put them in my drinks without a second thought... OH MY GOD!" 

Then, I got to thinking that if I'm not washing my lemons, restaurants probably aren't either.  And even worse, most of the time a bartender will just grab out a lemon with their bare hands (that's been sitting out for hours) and put it in your drink.  Apparently people have actually studied this... here's an article about it.  Here's the full blown scientific study.  What they found was that 77% of the sampled lemons in the study had microbial growth caused by all sorts of bodily fluids.

Needless to say I probably won't be ordering these at my neighborhood bar without a little more scrutiny.  Am I the only one that was out of the loop, or are you guys all washing your lemons?  I'm so sorry to everyone who's ever enjoyed a vodka water at our home...


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