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Human Factors in Design and Global Knives

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
I'm taking a class called Human Factors in Information Systems at Creighton and we have been learning all about user-centered design of information systems.  I really enjoyed this video that my teacher Dr. Corritore showed tonight during class.  This is the author of one of the books we are reading for class (Don Norman).  If you have time, watch the whole video, otherwise start out at the 3:55 minute mark on the video.  Isn't it crazy how much the reactions in our brain induced by our surroundings can affect our thinking?

On another note, I've been wanting some new knives for a few months now - we have just been using some super cheap ones that Kevin has had for years.  My parents got me some nice Kitchen Aid knives during college, but God help me if I could find them (sorry mom if you're reading this...wish I could find them!).  On the video above Dr. Norman points out how the Global knife that he says is both beautiful and functional.  Of course that immediately caught my eye during class so I checked out the Amazon reviews... and the reviews are solid!  I don't think we could afford a whole set, but maybe we should invest in just one really good quality multi-purpose 8-inch Global knife ($99)?


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